2 Lectures

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Jan 10





Jan 13


Matthias Felleisen


Full Abstraction: From PCF to SPCF

Jan 17


Jan Vitek


From Encapsulation to Ownership

Jan 20


Will Clinger


Garbage Collection vs Manual Allocation

Jan 24


Olin Shivers


Higher-order Flow Analysis

Jan 27


Amal Ahmed


Logical Relations: Stepping Beyond Toy Languages

Jan 31


Tony Garnock-Jones


Conversational Context & Concurrency

Feb 03


Matthias Felleisen


Programming Languages and Calculi

Feb 07


Ben Greenman


Datalog for Static Analysis

Feb 10


Jan-W. Van De Meent


Probably Something

Feb 14


Daniel Patterson


Linear Types for Low-level Languages

Feb 17


Ming-Ho Yee


Tracing JITs for Dynamic Languages

Feb 21


Mitch Wand


Analysis-Based Program Transformation

Feb 24


Rob Kleffner


Type Inference in Stack-based
Programming Languages

Feb 28


Frank Tip



Mar 02


no class


Mar 14




snow day

Mar 17


Oli Flückiger


From PE to a JITs

Mar 21


Max New


Categorical Semantics of
Untyped Languages

Mar 24


Leif Andersen


Typed Directed Compilation

Mar 28


William Bowman


Type-directed Compilation
with Dependent Types

Mar 31


Kevin Clancy


Refinement Types

Apr 04


Sam Caldwell


Functional Reactive Programming

Apr 07




Type Soundness for Real-world Developers

Apr 11


F. Zappa Nardelli


No good answers (2): Shared Memory
Concurrency and Language Designs

Apr 14


Ben Greenman


Soft Typing

Apr 18


Ben Chung


No good answers: Gradually typed
object-oriented languages

Apr 21




For better or worse