The teachpack exports the following functions:

   write-page ; String Xexpr -> true
   ;; given a file name and an X-expression, create an HTML file
   ;; produce  true  if successful

   ul         ; (Listof Xexpr) -> Xexpr[ul]
   ;; create an HTML list from a list of X-expressions

   li         ; Xexpr -> Xexpr[li]
   ;; create an HTML item from an X-expression

   table      ; (Listof (Listof Xexpr)) -> Xexpr[table]
   ;; create an HTML table from a table of X-expressions

   tr         ; (Listof Xexpr[td]) -> Xexpr[tr]
   ;; create an HTML table row from a X-expression cells

   td         ; Xexpr -> Xexpr[td]    
   ;; create an HTML table cell from an X-expression