Sound Teachpack for HtDP

You may download and install the sound teachpacks as follows:

  1. Download the sound-teachpack.plt for v. 204 and before or the sound-teachpack-205.plt for v. 205 bundle. Save it to your desktop.
  2. Start DrScheme.
  3. Select `File | Install .plt File' in DrScheme. Choose the `File' tab and then use the `Browse' button to find the sound-teachpack.plt file that you downloaded in step 1.
  4. Click on Open.
Now close DrScheme.

Documentation: After installation, open Help Desk and search for "sound" in the search bar at the bottom. Read the documentation on the three functions that the teachpack makes available and take a quick look at the words that it provides.

Status: The teachpack works on Unix/X and OS X.