8 Acknowledgments

We wish to thank Claire Alvis, Ryan Culpepper, John Clements, Stephen Chang, Richard Cobbe, Greg Cooper, Christos Dimoulas, Bruce Duba, Carl Eastlund, Burke Fetscher, Cormac Flanagan, Kathi Fisler, Tony Garnock-Jones, Paul Graunke, Dan Grossman, Kathy Gray, Casey Klein, Jacob Matthews, Scott Owens, Greg Pettyjohn, Jon Rafkind, Vincent St-Amour, Paul Steckler, Stevie Strickland, James Swaine, Asumu Takikawa, Kevin Tew, Neil Toronto, and Adam Wick for helping us hone the guidelines.

In addition to the reviewers, Ben Greenman, Vincent St-Amour, Asumu Takikawa made several suggestions on improving the presentation.

Eduardo Cavazos, John Clements, Byron Davies, Greg Hendershott, Manos Renieris, and Marc Smith pointed out problems with the scribble version.

Over 20 years, this work was partially supported by our host institutions: Rice University, University of Utah, Brown University, University of Chicago, Northeastern University, Northwestern University, Brigham Young University, and Indiana University as well as several funding agencies and foundations: AFOSR, CORD, Darpa, the Department of Education’s FIPSE program, the ExxonMobil Foundation, Microsoft, the Mozilla Foundation, NSF, the Texas Advanced Technology Program.