this is serious

To accommodate the widest possible choice of programming languages for homework assignments, we need to make a compromise.

Your programs must run on the College’s Linux machines.

The machine named


runs the standard Linux operating system, and you can ssh into it from anywhere.

While the Systems group no longer provides physical Linux machines. it has set up a bank of Virtual Machines; for a list of those, see below. You can log into those via SSH or virtual desktops, which is probably especially useful for the Windows users among you.

For general knowledge about the CCIS Systems world, see their knowledge base page. If you are unfamiliar with Linux, you may wish to peruse the following parts of this page:
  • the topics below the Unix/Linux tab (bottom of the page),

  • the virtual machine (VM) tab, and

  • the networking tab for how to log into "headless" VMs.

time to wake up


Some of the programming languages you choose may not come fully equipped with all the libraries. Some may need to create files (.jar, .o) that should not go into a repository.

For those situations, you want to include a Makefile in the assignment directory, for use with make. Please see the documentation for make:
If a Makefile is present, we will run make in the assignment directory before looking for and running your executable.