1 — Examples of Embedded Languages

Due Monday, 15 January, 6pm

Research The first lecture will provide an overview of multi-language programming. This idea is present in the stacks of a dozen general languages for business applications as well as inside of general programming languages. For the latter, consider embedded domain-specific languages for such things as string formating or regular-expression matching.

Topic Your task is to search and document an example of a domain-specific language whose "programs" are usually embedded in other programs or linked into "systems".

Delivery Each pair will have five minutes to present the language in class with the help of a two-slide PDF presentation.

Send the PDF slides to the instructor.

Capstone For "capstone students", also write a one-page memo that clearly describes the language as follows:

  • a pointer to source material

  • the stated purpose of the domain-specific language, plus any explanation needed to clarify this statement

  • a description of a short but illustrative sample program

Your presentation may re-use the same example.

Send the PDF page to the instructor.