TeachScheme! 2: Boston: 5–9 July 2004

A Supplement to “How to Design Programs”

©2004 Felleisen, Findler, Flatt, Krishnamurthi


This hand out consists of two pieces per daily session: goals and examples for the lecture session and exercises for the lab session. Please read the lab instructions carefully.

Lab instructions:

  1. Please login as “pclab” with the password “guest”. Use the “Log on to:” box and choose the domain “CCIS WINDOWS”, though this may already be the case.

  2. Create a Desktop folder for your work. The folder is likely to stay around for the week, but due to open access for a couple of hours in the evening, a misinformed user may delete them. Back up the folder on one of the floppies from your welcome folder.

  3. For the lab sessions, please scan the exercises quickly. Solve those exercises that are marked with an asterisk (*). Then decide which exercise you like most; try to do complete that one. Repeat this until you are out of time.

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