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Socially Responsible Software Development (abstract, slides (pdf))
Google Boston, Mass.; Feb. 2023

Language-Oriented Programming (abstract, slides (pdf))
LambdaWorld Cádiz, Spain; October 2019

The Racket Manifesto (abstract, slides (pdf))
CurryOn Rome, Italy; July 2016

Twentyeight Years of Adding Types to Untyped Languages (abstract, slides (pdf))
ECOOP Summer School Rome, Italy; July 2016

Love, Marriage, and Happiness (abstract, slides (pdf))
PLMW Santa Barbara, CA; June 2016

Developing Developers (abstract, slides (pdf))
Trends in Functional Programming---Education College Park, MD, June 2016

Types are like the Weather, Type Systems are like Weathermen (abstract, slides (pdf))
Clojure West Seattle, WA; April 2016

How do I do Reserch (abstract, slides (pdf))
Programming Language Mentoring Workshop Vancouver, Canada; September 2015

Contracts: Semantics and Pragmatics (abstract, slides (pdf))
Workshop in Honor of Pierre-Louis Curien Venice, Italy; September 2013

Multilingual Component Programming in Racket (abstract, slides (pdf))
Keynote: Tenth International Conference on Generative Programming and Component Engineering (GPCE) Portland, OR; October 2011

Functional Programming is Easy, and Good for You (abstract, slides (pdf))

The TeachScheme! Project (abstract, slides available on request)
Keynote: The Annual Conference of the Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) Dallas, TX; March 2011

TeachScheme! -- A Checkpoint (abstract, slides available on request)
Keynote: International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP) Baltimore, MD; September 2010

Many Macros, Tons of Types (abstract, slides available on request)
Keynote: European Lisp Symposium Lisbon, Portugal; May 2010

Adding Types to Untyped Languages (abstract, slides available on request)
Keynote: Types in Language Design and Implementation (TLDI), Madrid, Spain; January 2010

Fun For Freshman Kids and a Functional I/O System (abstract, slides available on request)

From Soft Scheme to Typed Scheme: Experiences from 20 Years of Script Evolution, and Some Ideas on What Works (abstract, slides available on request)
Keynote: Scripts to Programs (STOP), Genova, Italy; July 2009

How to Design Class Hierarchies (abstract, slides available on request)
Keynote: Functional and Declarative Programming in Education (FDPE), Tallin, Estonia; Spetmeber 2005
(delivered by Matthew Flatt)

Functional Objects (abstract, slides (pdf))
European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming Languages, Oslo, Norway, 2004

The Human Language Interface (abstract, slides available on request)
3a Semana de Computacion en Ciencias Mexico City, 2003

From POPL to the Classroom and Back (abstract, slides available on request)
Keynote: Symposium on the Principles of Programming Languages, Portland, OR, 2002

Program Analyses: A Consumer's Perspective (abstract, slides available on request)
Keynote: Static Analysis Symposium, Santa Barbara, CA, July 2000

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